2 Tricks to Make Interior Sliding Doors Easier to Slide

Although interior sliding doors are an ideal solution to save space and make a room feel more expansive. However, a tricky problem always happens with the interior glass sliding doors and sliding patio doors ----The sliding door is hard to slide after long-term use.
So, how do you make sliding patio doors and interior glass sliding doors slide easier? In this post, the author would list the main factors that may cause the difficulty of door sliding and illustrate how to make a sliding door slide easier.

Why is Your Interior Sliding Glass Door so Hard to Slide?

The interior sliding glass door has a simple structure and has some moving attachments to ensure the sliding function. So, when you find the interior sliding glass door is hard to open or close, these moving attachments may be the important spaces you need to pay attention to.
These are the following causes why your slide glass doors are hard to slide:

●The interior sliding glass door track is clogged with debris or dry liquid

●The slide glass door’s rollers are broken

●Misinstallation of interior sliding glass door

Make Interior Glass Sliding Doors Slide Easier

To find out what factors lead to the hard-sliding of interior glass sliding doors, you need to follow the below methods to find out the problem and solve it.

First Trick: Clean the Interior Glass Sliding Doors’ Tracks

The dirt, dust, and other debris are the obvious causes of making the door hard to open and close. Also, the dust is the main cause that makes balcony aluminum sliding doors slide hard. Therefore, to make your interior sliding glass door easily slide, you need to first clean the tracks.

First, locate the track by observing the bar that runs underneath the border of your door. Second, rush the inside of the interior glass sliding doors' track with a toothbrush or wire brush to remove dust and debris. Then, once the dirt and dust have gotten dispersed, use a dust cleaner to vacuum in and around the tracks or use a clean wet cloth to remove the dust or dirt

Second Trick: Remove the Interior Glass Sliding Door

If the cleaning doesn’t solve the sliding problem, it is time to remove the door. But, door removal, especially the removal of the large glass aluminum sliding door is difficult for one person to do. You need to find help to remove the door. Here are the main steps to remove the interior sliding doors:

1. Search the adjustment screw covers on the sides of the door, near the bottom.

2. Unscrew and remove the covers, then use a screwdriver to remove the rollers. In this step, you need to place well the rollers in case of missing.

3. Tilt the top of the door towards you slowly and gently remove the panel to the right place.

After the removal of the interior glass sliding door, you need to follow the two below procedures:

●Lubricate the Top and Bottom of the Aluminum Frame Sliding Glass Doors
Notice: On vinyl door rails, non-stick silicone lubricant is highly recommended to be used. If your doors are wood sliding doors with a wooden sliding track, hard wax like candle wax or beeswax is a good option. If you are unsure which type of lubricant you should use, you could go to the local hardware store to buy specific door track lubricants. The oil-based lubricants are not a good and useful option, because they tend to gather more dirt than anything else.

●To Align the Rollers
The rollers are adjustable. You could find adjustment screws located next to the roller on the side of the door. Just use a small prying tool, and you could expose it. Then, to ensure the evenness of the rollers, accordingly use a screwdriver to turn the adjustment screws clockwise to raise the rollers and counterclockwise to lower them. If the screws are hard to turn, you can apply some of your silicone lubricant on and around the screws.

If the above actions still do not solve the problem, you need to talk to the local glass company to check the aluminum sliding doors and consult whether you need to replace the new interior sliding doors. The new version house sliding door not only provides a smoother sliding experience but also is introduced at good aluminum sliding door prices.


Is Silicone Good for Sliding Glass Doors?

Yes, silicone is a good and versatile option to lubricate aluminum sliding doors. It is thin, slippery, and easy to apply. And, it can be used in aluminum metal sliding door, residential aluminum sliding door, etc.


Follow these methods to let your interior sliding glass door slides easier and keep their peak performance. And, if the above methods didn’t work and your sliding glass door is still hard to move, the only method is to replace it with the new house sliding door.

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