Three categories of aluminum alloy doors and windows accessories.

The accessories of aluminum alloy doors and windows are filter elements. What we usually call hardware is only a part of aluminum alloy doors and windows accessories, such as the general name of auxiliary materials for all door and window accessories. Generally can be divided into three categories: hardware, sealing materials, and accessories.

1. Hardware

We often talk about hardware accessories for doors and windows, such as handles, hinges, sliding supports, pulleys, lever locks, crescent locks, doors and windows, and a series of hardware accessories. Responsible for connection, transmission, how to open and close doors and windows. It belongs to the core member of the performance of doors and windows.

Aluminum profile is used for door and window installation, and its hardware needs to be classified according to product information: transmission control mechanism handle, spinning handle, hinge (hinge), transmission lock, sliding support, support block, latch, multi-point lock Closers, pulleys, single-point locks and side-hung hardware production systems, etc.

The hardware of aluminum alloy doors and windows can be divided into: sliding door and window hardware, casement window hardware, inward opening and inverted accessories, and hanging on the window.

aluminum alloy doors and windows

2. Sealing material

At present, most buildings are very particular about energy conservation and environmental protection, so the sealing of aluminum alloy doors and windows is very important. Tops and glass sealing tapes are mainly used as research materials for sealing structures. The top mainly includes the sealing between the frame and the fan, and the glass sealing strip is used for the sealing between the glass and the fan and the frame. The sealing material plays an important role in waterproofing and energy saving in aluminum doors and windows. If imported silicone sealing tape is used, it will become very durable and good sealing performance after drying.

3. Auxiliary parts

Frequently used auxiliary components, such as climbing blocks, anti-falling blocks, anti-collision blocks, connectors, reinforcements, etc. These are mainly used to improve the assembly level of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and to ensure the overall performance of the doors and windows. These accessories are optional accessories and can play a role in the icing on the cake. Failure to follow them will not affect the basic operation of aluminum alloy doors and windows.