Advantages and installation of aluminum casement door.

The use of aluminum casement door can be regarded as relatively long-term. The following is a brief introduction to some of the advantages and installation of aluminum side-hung doors, so that everyone can better understand side-hung doors.
First, the advantages of aluminum casement door:
1. Security
The safety performance of aluminum casement door is higher than that of other categories. The swing doors can be locked when they are in use. For ordinary households, aluminum casement door are made of relatively hard materials. It is very convenient and safe.
2. Material production

There are a lot of materials for making aluminum swing doors. From the original wood to the current aluminum, glass, etc., various materials can be used to make swing doors. Therefore, in terms of price, there are more choices for swing doors. .

3. Good sealing
The aluminum casement door was originally designed in the original shape of the door. At that time, it was required to effectively prevent cold, wind, sand and dust, or other magazines from entering the house. Therefore, the sealing performance was required to be absolutely high. Swing doors were protected by a layer of glue more than other doors. , Can effectively isolate.

aluminum casement door

Second, the installation instructions for aluminum casement door:
1. First remove the door leaf from the split pattern of the door frame.
2. Fold off the connecting aluminum bar under the door frame, and turn the fixing pieces on both sides of the door frame to a position suitable for installation.
3. Push the door frame into the door hole from the front of the door hole to determine the front and back position of the door frame.
4. Special attention must be paid to adjust the flatness and verticality of the door frame with a horizontal ruler, and adjust the opening distance of the door leaf between the door lock frame and the door hinge frame.
5. After confirming that there is no problem in adjusting the size, fix the door frame fixing piece on the wall.

6. Reinsert the door leaf into the split hinge of the door frame and check whether the door leaf is opened smoothly and firmly.