Aluminum alloy doors and windows can connect different parts of the cause of rain leakage

Under normal circumstances, because the aluminum alloy doors and windows adjacent to the opening of the building wall itself has defects, it is easier to cause rainwater to infiltrate through the inner wall under wind load, especially when the phenomenon of outer wall tiles is more common, this is often due to gaps The existence of cracks.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are generally directly used for thermal insulation and broken bridge aluminum profiles and hollow glass, so it has the functions of energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof and waterproof. However, to take full advantage of Aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is necessary to consider the comprehensive results of the performance of equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, viscose, and sealing parts. All of them are indispensable to form high-performance system doors and windows. The phenomenon of water leakage is generally due to the fact that water seepage sites close doors and windows and doors and windows are often mistaken for leakage.
 aluminum alloy doors and windows
The full size of the wall opening does not meet the requirements of the teaching design development. This will easily make the shape and size of the doors and windows and the gap time between the walls exceed the delineated working range. Too small gaps will easily cause the inability to pass filling materials, and too large gaps will cause Doors and windows are difficult to be fixed and filled incorrectly, and they are prone to cracks.

The gap between Aluminum alloy doors and windows and the wall of the opening cannot be filled with qualified materials as required, such as waterproof cement mortar with different markings or disproportionate proportions..

The fixed connection of perforated doors and windows is not strong, so that the doors and windows move under the action of wind load, which will cause cracks in the sealing material. The filling material does not cover the gap between the door frame and wall, cracks and valleys phenomenon.

Whether the adjustment control pads of the fixed door and window frames are left in the door and window frames, or there is no further research for secondary filling after removal.

After the installation of Aluminum alloy doors and windows, we did not analyze and seal the different parts of the connection between the outside of the doors and windows and the wall, or the seal failed.