Aluminum alloy doors and windows material selection knowledge

1: Wind resistance is more important

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are purchased, and the stability is the key factor for the wind protection of doors and windows. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are made of titanium-magnesium aluminum alloy. Their strength and rigidity are strong. When facing strong winds, the windows will become homes. A line of security.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are purchased. In addition to the frame material and opening method, the thickness of the glass is also affected by the tightness of the doors and windows. Generally speaking, the sealing performance of double glass aluminum alloy doors and windows is better. Common double glass doors and windows, the glass thickness is 5mm or 4mm, the thickness of the heat insulation aluminum strip is generally 6mm, 9mm and 12mm, 15mm.

2: Do not ignore the water tightness

Doors and windows are purchased with good watertightness, so that aluminum alloy doors and windows can keep the room dry in the face of storms, without the trouble of seepage and leakage. Among doors and windows of various materials, aluminum alloy doors and windows have good water tightness.

Insulating glass can be selected for doors and windows, and several layers of glass are effectively sealed, and a desiccant that absorbs water vapor is installed, so that there is no water vapor and dust in the glass.
Aluminum alloy doors and windows
3: Airtight sex underestimation

For the purchase of doors and windows, doors and windows with better airtightness can be considered to use plastic steel insulation windows, double or even three layers of vacuum Low-E glass, and double-channel rubber sealing strips to make the doors and windows both windproof and thermally insulated.

In addition to materials for doors and windows, the opening and closing method of doors and windows is also a key factor in determining the tightness. Flat-open windows use the principle of isobaric pressure and adopt a three-sealed structure with one hard seal and two soft seals to give the window good airtightness and watertightness. For the door, the built-in sliding door has high air tightness and good sealing performance.

Therefore, when purchasing doors and windows, pay attention to the following points: the flatness of the welding place, and see whether the joints between the inner and outer corners are flat. Look at the hardware accessories, the surface protection layer of good door and window hardware accessories is dense, shiny, and there are no scratch marks.

Check the material, you can bring a magnet when you buy aluminum alloy doors and windows, if it can be adsorbed on it, it means that the doors and windows have reinforced steel. The function of buffer rubber, buffer rubber and anti-collision rubber is to protect the door leaf from strong collision.