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         In order to actively respond to the call of the country and take the road of "green and innovative" development, in late November, the report team of China doors and Windows network launched a brand visit tour themed "China tide season".During this visit, we will focus on foshan, guangdong province, the gathering place of China aluminum alloy doors and Windows brand.
         Visit the third day, we came to the deji youpin doors and Windows headquarters, and had the honor to interview to deji youpin doors and Windows chairman lei shaojun.What does door of door of good product of Germany technology stabilize occupy market front row?Why attracted numerous franchisees to choose Germany technology superior doors and Windows?Be engaged in door window industry nearly 20 years, what to the development of the industry has original opinion again?In the interview process, Mr. Lei shaojun will he and the German technology superior product window story to us.

          Industry rookie development momentum
          Guangdong deji youpin doors and Windows co., LTD., founded in 2014, the company headquarters is located in foshan, guangdong, is a focus on high-end safety aluminum alloy doors and Windows, set high-grade doors and Windows research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, service in one of the large-scale modern enterprise.Deji youpin doors and Windows marketing network luxuriant, more than 400 outlets throughout the country, at the same time has a large-scale 70,000 square meters of modern production base.

          1997, chairman lei shaojun gentleman begins to be engaged in door window industry, had had 20 years so far, accumulated rich industry experience, have original view to the industry.Lei dong said that only by constantly developing products in line with market demand and keeping pace with The Times can the company keep moving forward steadily.Deji youpin attaches great importance to product research and development, from 2014 to now, just five years time, deji youpin doors and Windows has obtained more than 20 national product patents, products have gone to thousands of families, went to the world, the development advantage of the enterprise is more and more obvious.
           The core products of German technology -- 130 sliding door, 126 broken bridge window screen integrated flat open window
Make further progress.Deji youpin doors and Windows with high-quality safety doors and Windows products and intimate service, by the support and love of the majority of consumers.Deji superior product doors and Windows development momentum is unstoppable, like doors and Windows industry in a ready black horse, the future will be unlimited.

           Attach importance to "raising business" to build an active marketing team

           The relation between door window enterprise and dealer is like "fish and water", both are close and dependent on each other.Dealers are doors and Windows enterprises connect consumers a bridge, in the enterprise sales play an important role.Similarly, the enterprise attaches great importance to "raising business", to help dealers, dealers, achieve win-win results.On the contrary, if the enterprise is not enough to help the franchisee, it will lead to the survival rate of the franchisee is not high.
           Deji youpin doors and Windows understand the truth, very pay attention to the precise help of dealers.According to lei dong, from now on in the first half of 2019, deji youpin began to build an active marketing team, which played an absolute role in the growth rate of stores.Deji superior product doors and Windows will also accurately launch new business transformation training, through professional case analysis, let the new business quickly understand the product, marketing road, quickly build a Wolf team.
          New business transformation special training camp
          It is because of correct business promotion strategy, the support that reach the designated position, door window of door of good product of Germany technology already succeeded business promotion 130 many now, the target that is being made at the beginning of the year is being carried out steadily.
          Talking about next year's investment plan, lei dong said that the investment action will be relatively increased next year, the investment team will further expand to more than 50 people, the minimum to develop 300 stores, the maximum target value to reach 600.
           Double 11 first successful use of e-commerce channels for store drainage
           This year, the e-commerce platform of deji youpin doors and Windows was launched in November, just in time for the double 11 festival. In this carnival, deji youpin received a deposit of over one million yuan on the line, and drained 182 offline customers, which was a successful first battle.Deji superior doors and Windows will distribute orders to stores throughout the country, will play a good role in the drainage of stores.Lei dong said that in 2020, deji youping doors and Windows will intensify efforts to make e-commerce platforms better, and do more drainage for offline stores, so that their business flow will be larger and more easily cut into user information.

           This success is no accident!It is precisely because of the strong support of the brand strength, quality products and intimate services of deji youpin doors and Windows, this double 11 carnival, deji youpin doors and Windows comprehensively went to the O2O new retail model, won the support and recognition of the majority of consumers.

           Further efforts will be made to explore the future smart doors and Windows market
Smart home with everyone in the fusion phenomenon more and more, especially with the coming of the era of 5 g, closer to the people and things smart + connected distance, make the prospect of the intelligent household industry gradually open up, household industry ushered in a strong power, from a new vision of concept into reality, with the trend of the era of 5 g will fly higher.
          To intelligent household the phenomenon that lives with everybody confluence, lei dong thinks, this is the development trend of the future, industry maturity is the thing of morning and evening, just say door window industry goes a bit slower relatively.Deji youping doors and Windows are also exploring forward, also planned a new exhibition hall, will be smart doors and Windows with smart home to integration.In 2020, it is likely to intensify efforts and step up research, and then slowly put it into the market after maturity.

           Through this in-depth communication, the author was inspired by lei dong's perseverance of daring to challenge and forging ahead, and also witnessed the ingenuity spirit of deji excellent products.Do not forget the original intention, the party has always been, believe that Germany technology excellent product this a black horse will uphold a original intention, with quality products and services, with their own spirit of innovation, with the momentum of continuous struggle, for the industry, consumers bring more surprises!
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