Aluminum double glazed windows good maintenance can extend service life

Aluminum double glazed windows have very good superior performance. Many families generally choose aluminum alloy doors and windows when purchasing doors and windows. Aluminum doors and windows have the characteristics of anti-corrosion and moisture resistance, not easy to fade and deformation, etc., but if they are well maintained, the daily life of aluminum doors and windows will be longer.

In terms of cleaning, generally aluminum double glazed windows basically rely on rails to control the opening of doors and windows, so the general lower track is the focus of door and window cleaning. The bottom rail and woolen top are very easy to accumulate dust and small dirt, and it is also very difficult to use. So when cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the accumulated dust, and then use a rag or sponge, moistened with water and neutral detergent to scrub.
aluminium double glazed windows
But remember that you must not use strong corrosive cleaners, and you can only wash them with water in the end. When scrubbing aluminum alloy doors and windows, choose soft gauze or cotton silk, etc. This is to avoid scratching the surface of doors and windows, and it is best to remove the windows when scrubbing aluminum alloy doors and windows, which can not only wipe clean, but also Can guarantee safety.

It should be noted that if water is found in the track chute, it should be wiped dry in time. This is to enhance the anticorrosive effect, so you can apply a thin layer of fire wax oil on the track surface. It is also necessary to avoid acidic and alkaline chemicals when they come into contact with the aluminum double glazed windows. Therefore, when there are stains and stolen materials, you can usually use a soft cloth to stick to clean water or neutral detergent to clean. This is to prevent doors and windows. Corroded.

The focus of ordinary maintenance is that the hardware accessories at the interface need to be checked frequently, including locks, hinges, seals, positioning pins and wind braces. Because these parts are often subject to friction, they are relatively susceptible to rust and damage. Usually need more inspections, timely replacement of damaged parts, and regularly add lubricating oil.

In terms of use, because aluminum alloy door pages generally rely on splicing and embedding technologies to assemble and connect accessories such as hinges, strong forces are likely to cause deformation. Users and friends should pay attention to daily pushes and pulls. .