Are aluminum alloy doors and windows very different from other doors and windows?

         Now the installation of doors and windows is due to the development of some industries, as well as the improvement of design in construction and decoration. The style is also changeable, so it is also demanded that some aluminum doors and windows are used in the design of the house, and such aluminum alloy doors and windows There is also the effect of radiation protection.
         The current doors and windows have developed from the traditional lighting, wind, rain, and maintenance intelligence in the past to modern aluminum alloy doors and windows with many requirements such as heat insulation, heat preservation, safety, noise prevention, and decoration.
        The insulating glass of aluminum alloy doors and windows has a coated glass that can play a role in preventing solar radiation and outdoor heat radiation in summer, and can block indoor heat radiation in winter, taking into account the performance of heat reflective glass on the basis of low-e glass performance, This is unmatched by other doors and windows.