Casement Windows VS Double Hung Windows: Which is Better?

The house windows in your house meet your aesthetic and functional purpose. Furthermore, the good quality house window adds value to your home, even reducing the overall energy cost. In this post, the author would make a comparison between casement windows and wall hung windows and help you how to choose between them.
To let you clearly understand what’s the differences between casement windows and double hung windows, the author would list a chart and illustrate in the following section.

Casement Windows VS Double Hung Windows: Definition

●Casement windows are hinged on one side and can swing horizontally like a door. A small crank is installed in the casement window, located on the house interior turns. This small crank allows you to open the window at its side, either left or right.

●The double hung windows are composed of two pieces----an upper sash and a lower sash. The wall hung windows can be divided into aluminum bottom hung window and aluminum top hung window. These two pieces can move up or down to achieve ventilation on the top, bottom, or both. The double hung windows remain flush with the wall, so they could be a practical option for patios or walkways.

Casement Windows VS Double Hung Windows: Cost

●Generally speaking, the casement windows require more cost than the double hung windows,  because of the more complex mechanical operations of aluminum casement insect screen and the lower consumer demand.

●The double hung windows are more inexpensive, because of the more eager consumer demand and high competition among manufacturers.

Casement Windows VS Double Hung Windows: Style

●The casement windows are contemporary-style house fixtures. With simple geometry and clean lines, casement windows are well splendid in modern-style homes.

●Double hung windows are a traditional, classic style. They are the ideal option for vintage cottage-style houses or with new houses that emulate an older look.

Casement Windows VS Double Hung Windows: Mechanical Issues

●A Crank unit in casement windows is a mechanical part that often appears to fail. As time goes by, the crank unit in casement windows is a mechanical part that often appears to fail. Even if the windows still work, they still slowly loosen over time, as a result, more air would seepage into your house.

●Compared with the casement windows, the double hung windows have a lower failure rate as fewer parts in double hung windows can go wrong.

Casement Windows VS Double Hung Windows: Energy Savings

●Casement windows do a good job of limiting air intrusion in your home. The window sash presses directly on all four sides of the window frame and its seals, just as the outer door is mounted on the door frame.

●The bottom and sides of the double hanging windows are tightly close to the side rails. The only part that allows air to leak is the top, but a good seal can limit this.

Casement Windows VS Double Hung Windows: What’s are Casement Windows Pros and Cons

Pros of Casement Windows

Casement window with crank offers an easy opening and closing operation method. It is easier to turn the crank and operate the lock (lever) than to push the sash up and down. Casement windows can even be opened and closed while seated in a wheelchair. Therefore, casement windows are more user-friendly for those people who have movement difficulties.
Also, the well-designed casement windows also could allow more outside breezes and send the air into your home.

●Cons of Casement Windows

The normal AC does not well fit in casement windows. Therefore, when you have installed the casement windows, you have to use more expensive specialty A/C units. Also, the gusts of wind can a casement sash and rip it away.

Casement Windows VS Double Hung Windows: What’s are Double Hung Windows Pros and Cons

Pros of Double Hung Windows

Most aluminum double hung windows are equipped with built-in safety features for children and pets. You can close the lower sash and leave the upper sash open. Furthermore, the double hung windows are reliable and have a relatively lower failure rate.

Cons of Double Hung Windows

Although most double-hung windows are aluminum swing open windows, they are still more difficult to clean (the outside) than casement windows. When you want to close the window for cleaning, you have to stretch to reach the window to close it.

Which Is Better? Casement Windows or Double Hung Windows?

When you are selecting the type of windows for your refitting and decorating your house, you may wonder which type of windows is great. In this section, the author would help you how to choose them.

Your Preference

If you want to appreciate the view outside your window, the casement windows may be your ideal option. The aluminium frame casement window seems like a picture window which be opened for ventilation.
There is a horizontal rail in the middle of the double hung windows. This horizontal rail would break up your view, especially when the window is opened from the bottom, top, or both.

Amount of Space Required for Opening

One important factor you need to take into consideration is the amount of space required for swinging open casement. If there are bushes, sidewalks, or sitting areas outside the window, opening the windows could be a hazard or an inconvenience when opened.

Style of Your Home

As above mentioned, these two types of windows offer various styles to your house. If your house tends to traditional styles, the double hung aluminium windows may be ideal for your home. And the casement window with screen usually works well with the modern style house.

Opening Methods

Installing double hung windows near the kitchen sink is a bad idea.If you are not tall enough to reach the sash, you can't open the windows. This is the reason why you need to consider the method you opening.

Air Flow

An open casement window acts like a sail on a sailboat, capturing the wind running along the building and bringing it inside.


All in all, they are different and have outstanding features. The latest window design aluminum casement window can bring life to a room in comparison to other standard window types. And, the aluminum double hung windows are the perfect option for a traditional style house.