Complete Guide to Aluminium Glass Doors

Compared with most manufacturing metals and building materials available today, Aluminum is harder and stronger and becomes one of the strongest materials used in the manufacture of doors and windows. Then, many families prefer to use aluminium glass doors. Today, allow me to introduce the various types of aluminium glass doors and answer some frequently asked questions about aluminium glass doors.

Types of Aluminium Glass Doors

There are three types of aluminium glass doors: aluminum casement door, aluminum sliding door, and aluminum folding door. Each type of aluminium glass door has its own applications.

Aluminum Casement Door

The aluminum casement door is one of the most commonly seen doors in a house. The aluminum casement door has hinges on one side and opens either to the left or the right. When the swing door is open, it occupies a quarter-cylindrical space with the door panel as the radius. And the occupied space can not be used.
Application: The aluminium glass casement door is widely used as a room door such as aluminum bathroom doors, aluminium entrance doors, etc.

Aluminum Sliding Door

According to Wikipedia, A sliding door is a door that opens horizontally by sliding, usually level with the wall.
Application: Sliding doors can be mounted on top of the track below or be hung from the track above. Then this type of door can be used as an office entrance door, hotel entrance door, or patio door.

Aluminum Folding Doors

The folding doors, also known as accordion doors, inspired by the musical instrument of the same name, is a door that opens by folding back in sections or panels. The folding door usually consists of more than two panels, then is also called bi folding door.

Application: If a house has a large balcony, aluminum folding doors is an ideal and great balcony door design to create space partitions.

FAQ: Aluminium Glass Doors

Question: Are Aluminium Glass Doors Safe?

Answer: Yes! The aluminium glass doors are relatively safe. Here are the major reasons:
First, As above mentioned, the aluminium is harder and stronger than other materials. Because of the higher strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum sheets and frames are capable of withstanding more force before breaking or bending than wood or hardened steel. Therefore, it is capable of bearing a great act of force.
Second, as for the glass, while it presents the beauty of the door, it also decreases the level of safety. It offers the potential chance for thieving to break down. Therefore, you had better install them indoors.

Question: Are Aluminum Sliding Doors better than Vinyl Sliding Doors?

Vinyl Sliding Doors: Vinyl is plastic, but as strong as aluminum, and lighter. Vinyl sliding doors are more energy-efficient than aluminum doors because vinyl does not transfer heat like aluminum. Also, vinyl sliding doors have thicker frames and wider tracks than aluminum sliding doors.

Aluminum Sliding Doors: Aluminum is the more standard and common material. Aluminum doors are often inexpensive and require little maintenance for many years. Aluminum sliders are thinner and generally have a smaller track width than their vinyl cousins.
In summary, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to choose one between them, you could fully take the above features into the consideration.

Question: Are Aluminium Bifold Doors Better Than UPVC?

Answer: I will make a comparison between aluminium bifold doors and uPVC doors from the perspectives of the following factors.

First of all, the budget is the most important factor in the selection of the door. For many people, the first thing they look at when comparing two products is the price. As time goes by, you may end up paying more to maintain or replace uPVC double folding doors, while white aluminium bifold doors have higher upfront costs.

No one would not want to get a bad aluminum window design. In this aspect, aluminium may be the winner in this situation. Not only are they customizable with more colors and various finishes, but the thinner frames also allow for more glass, allowing more light to be let in and a better-looking door.

Whilst both materials are certainly durable, aluminium offers a longer working lifespan than uPVC. Also, the aluminium is usually powder-coated, which means they don't require repainting.

Thermal Efficiency
In this aspect, the uPVC is better than the aluminium. Aluminum is a highly conductive material, which indicates that heat passes through it easily, as a result, the heat easily slips away from the home.


All in all, commercial aluminum glass entry doors are a practical and beautiful option for many projects, especially for commercial residential houses. If you plan to get a complete and great aluminum glass s door system solution, you could contact us, a high end aluminum door manufacturer in China.