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The Next Five-Year Plan
On May 28, before the National Distributor Strategic Summit in 2019, Lei Shaojun, chairman of the board of directors of Dejiyoupin Doors and Windows, received an interview from a local famous TV Media Hotline.

During the interview, Chairman Lei Shaojun mainly focused on the relocation of the current our 70,000 ㎡new production base located in Foshan, and shared his personal idea on our new design direction of our products, how to deal with the industry new challenges under the new economic situation and the upcoming of our next five-year plan in the factory.

01 Q: On the occasion of the new Five-year plan, the relocation of the new production base is bound to have a very special meaning to the whole company. Can you talk about it briefly?

A: Thank you for your support and attention in the past years. We have achieved a lot from zero and there is also ups and downs. In the future, we will continue to firmly promote our brand with more safer and reliable aluminum residential and commercial aluminum doors and windows to benefit more and more consumers with stable high quality and good price.

02 Q: We noticed that you have been focusing on high-end safety doors and windows research and development. What is the difference between the products launched this year and the past? What are the highlights?

A: This year, we shall launch some new products in the Expo, which will change the system construction compared with the previous products. Nowadays, many door and window products manufacture mainly focus on safety and sealing, and pay less attention to system research and development. However, we are the leading manufacture for high end aluminum doors and windows and begun to pay attention to the complete door and window system. The so-called system lies in the design of the entire profile, hardware and all accessories, including production and sales, which has brought convenience to the manufacturing industr.

03 Q: What is the secret why your sales have seen such a chitinous big increase for the past 5 years and so many agents home and abroad to work as your distributors?

A: I think as long as there are good products and more delicate services, this is a natural thing. We let most of the distributors achieve profits, so that many consumers have no worries about the future and they will naturally choose high-tech products.

O4 Q: In the next 3-5 years, do you have any other big plans, except on products development?

A: In the aluminum door and window industry, we still have room for improvement. Therefore, we have implemented the second "five-year plan". We are confident that we are able to make 80% of our customers become millionaires and more than 10% of our customers become billionaires. We need to increase the income of our employees by at least 20%. We aim to increase the number of our brand and product distributors from current 500+ to 1,000 and further expand our overseas market from current main markets in North America, Australia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Holland to the whole South America, Middle East, Asia, Africa continents. 
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