Frequently Asked Questions about Aluminum Sliding Window

A sliding window is a type of window that opens by sliding horizontally along the top and bottom rails of the window frame. In this post, the author would solve the frequently asked question about aluminum sliding windows.

Can Sliding Windows be Installed Vertically?

You absolutely can not install a window vertically. It is the wrong orientation. The glass in commercial horizontal sliding windows is "set" in window frames using “setting blocks”. These blocks are used for supporting the weight of the glass. And they are sized and distributed based on the weight of the glass.

Are Sliding Windows Cheaper?

Looking through the whole house windows industry, you can learn that sliding windows are relatively cheaper than casement windows and offer an easier operation. You are allowed to determine how much to leave them open, letting you have a certain amount of control over your home's airflow. In a word, the aluminium glass sliding windows are cheaper to buy and install but they can be more expensive to maintain.

Do Sliding Windows Leak?

After the proper installation, the sliding window doesn’t lead to a leak, even if it is a cheap house sliding window. Only if you wrongly install your house windows, it could result in poor sealing, latching difficulties, and air or water leaks.

Are Sliding Windows Energy Efficient?

The sliding window is energy-efficient because it has relatively fewer moving parts than other types of house windows. The fewer moving parts, the less possibility of air leakage.

What Are the Differences in Appearance between Aluminum Casement Windows and Aluminum Sliding Windows?

n fact, the main difference between the two is in the style of the building, because the casement windows are divided, so the general flexibility is relatively large, it can adapt to the adaptation of various buildings, has a bright and spacious, Good transparency effect. The sliding window can only be pushed and pulled horizontally, so it is difficult to match the fixed glass with the large grid.

Products Recommendation: Commercial Horizontal Sliding Windows

commercial horizontal sliding windows

With Top 6063T5 Aviation Aluminum.
45°Cutting angle to be seamlessly matched, No sharp edges when touched.
Good sound proof/ Thermal insulation, Mute enough with top sealing effect with optimized glass hollow design and quality assured EPDM sealant strip.
Heavy-duty hardware in 304 or 306 stainless steel wire mesh, including ball bearing rollers, ensures smooth quiet operation, anti-mosquito, anti-insect and anti-theft, high temperature, corrosion, and scratch resistance.
Smooth track, Modern built brass, sliding track design, easy to maintain and clean.
With 15 Colors for your choice.
Ball bearing wheels on rust-proof and jump-proof aluminum tracks for durability and smoother operation.
Resists corrosion and rust for longer product life.
Unique interlocking track design for added strength and structural integrity.
Matching screen options that integrate seamlessly with our sliding systems.

Products Recommendation: Aluminum Horizontal Sliding Windows

aluminum horizontal sliding windows

These aluminum horizontal sliding windows are the ideal house windows installed in your kitchen and bedroom. The aluminum horizontal sliding windows are sound insulation, waterproof, and air tight. Therefore, you could enjoy a quiet and safe indoor environment without the outside effects. The aluminum horizontal sliding windows are one of the whole house customization systems. If you are interested in this window solution, please contact us.


The aluminum horizontal sliding windows are the ideal house windows, providing you a perfect view of the landscape, and letting you can watch the sunrise in the morning or set in the evening. Deji, is a professional aluminium glass sliding window manufacturer in China, providing a myriad of sizes of aluminum sliding windows residential.