How to Replace Casement Window & Install Casement Door?

Casement windows and aluminum casement doors are the popular house furniture in the house design. They have designs that use a crank handle to complete the close and open instead of sliding them. They are attractive and perfect to be installed in traditional-style buildings. However, like the sliding window and modern sliding door, they also have a few issues during the application. In this post, the author would teach you how to replace the latest window design aluminum casement window and how to install an aluminum casement door.

Items Preparation of Replacing Casement Window

First of all, we assume that you already have the required skills for installing the casement windows. And, if you have no experience with installation, you had better find a pro to install the casement window. Selecting the right tools is the first step to successfully installing the casement window. Here are the tools that you need to prepare:
●The right new casement windows
●Waterproof shims
●A level
●Gasket sealing tape
●Safety glasses
●Caulk gun
●Putty knife and a utility knife
●A level
●Power drill or a power driver
●A small pry bar

Steps to Replace Casement Windows

Here are the major steps to install the casement windows.

●Step 1: Measure the Height & Width of the Casement Windows

When you decide the replace the casement windows, the first thing is to measure the old casement window to get the right-sized replacement.
Measure the height and width of the aluminum casement insect screen and write down the number. Also, some casement windows have a model number etched into them. You can purchase the same replacement according to the model number.
aluminum casement insect screen

●Step 2: Remove Trim Strip

After ensuring the replacement window is similar to the old one. Slightly remove the molding around the casement window with the putty knife and a hammer. The molding is reusable but fragile, so you need to be careful in this step.

●Step 3: Remove the extension jams which fill the space between the window frames and the molding

These extension jams also is fragile the same as the molding.

●Step 4: Remove the Roofing Nails

Then, we need to walk outside and remove to remove the roofing nails through the flange which is used for holding the window.
If there is any sliding or shingle covering the casement window, you need to remove them to expose the nails. To do this, the hammer and a cat’s paw are recommended. Leave the top center nail, in case of the falling down of the casement window.

●Step 5: Remove the Casement Window

After removing the roofing nails, the casement window is easy to come out. When you remove the casement window, you had better find a helper, as the casement windows may be heavy.

●Step 6: Check the New Replacement Casement Window

Compare both casement windows to ensure they are the same in size.

●Step 7: Apply a Water Seal Gasket

You need to stand outside of your house to apply a water seal gasket along with the frame at the bottom and sides of the casement window. You also need to place one piece on the bottom of the frame over the windowsill. The water seal gasket is used for preventing moisture from invading the indoors.

●Step 8: Put the New Window in Place

Double check the casement window is level and make any adjustments before you start to hammer the roofing nails into the flange of your new casement window. You also first hammer the top center nail to keep the casement window stable during the work. Next, install a roofing nail in the flange around your new casement window.

●Step 9: Add a New Strip of Water Seal Gasket Over the Top of the Flange

After finishing the nailing works, you still need to add an extra strip of water seal gasket over the top of the flange. It could keep away moisture and prevent rain from leaking behind the flange and invading your house.

●Step 9: Replace the Extension Jams

It is time to replace the extension jams to fill in the gap between the window frame and the molding. It is one of the useful steps to ensure the casement window security.

●Step 10: Replace the Molding.

How to Install Aluminum Casement Door

As for the installation of the aluminum casement door,  you need to follow the below 7 steps.

●Step 1: Removing aluminium glass casement door leaf from the split pattern of the door frame.

●Step2: Remove the aluminum connecting bar under the door frame and ensure the fixed pieces on both sides of the aluminum casement door are in the right position for installation.

aluminum casement door

●Step3: Push the aluminium glass casement door into the door hole.

●Step 4: Adjust the flatness and verticality of the door frame with a horizontal ruler and the door opening distance between the door hinge frame and the door lock frame.

●Step 5: Confirm whether the door is aluminium glass casement door is in the right position.

●Step 6: Fix the aluminum casement door fixing piece on the wall

●Step 7: Reinsert the door back into the split hinge of the door frame and check that the door opens smoothly and securely.

Last Words

When you are installing the casement window and casement door, you need to pay more attention to your safety, because both of them have a vulnerable glass panel. If you have no experience in installing a large item, you had better not take it a try. It is because you may fail to complete the installing or replacing jobs.