How Thick is House Window Glass?

When people are innovating or upgrading the house window, they usually focus on the thickness of the glass, because the glass thickness almost determines the durability, soundproofness, and security of the windows. Then, in this post, the author would make a discussion about the thickness in the house window to give some references to you.

How Thick is Window Glass?

Window glass comes in various thicknesses, depending on its purpose and location in a building. For example, single-strength window glass which is the commonly used glass is 3/32” thick.
As for the double strength glass, it is slightly thicker at 1/8”.

Is Thicker Window Glass Better?

Most people may wonder whether the thicker the window glass is the window glass. As a matter of fact, the thicker the glass window is, the less fragile it is in your window. If you have no limited budget, you can use the thicker glass window.

The thick glass window not only is more durable but also helps to reduce sound transmission. In other words, the aluminium glass window with a thicker glass panel can help you create a relatively quiet interior space, because the thicker glass can lower the noise level.

Does the Thickness of Window Glass Matter?

Yes, the thickness of window glass does matter, and it can have several significant implications depending on the specific application and requirements. In the following content, the author will illustrate what thickness can affect.

●Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Thicker window glass provides better insulation, reducing heat transfer between the interior and exterior of a building, because the thicker glass panel has a longer tranmission distance, as a result, the translated heat loses more than the slim glass panel.

●Sound Insulation

Thicker glass tends to provide better sound insulation compared to thinner glass. It helps reduce external noise pollution, creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.


Thicker glass can enhance the security of a building because the glass window with thicker glass panels is stronger and more resistant to impact. The glass window with a thicker glass panel makes the intruding more challenging for potential intruders to break through the window. Therefore, it acts as a deterrent against forced entry. By the way, it also can withstand severe weather conditions or accidental impacts.

●Safety Regulations

When you are plan to make a new aluminum glass window design, you also should be aware of the safety regulations. Building codes and safety regulations often dictate minimum glass thickness requirements for specific applications, especially in public or commercial buildings.

Is Thick Glass Expensive?

Typically, the thicker the glass panel is the higher the price, due to the cost of production.

Is 4mm Glass Strong?

From the perspective of the practical, the 4mm glass can be considered strong for certain applications, but it is relatively thin compared to the thicker glass options available. 4mm glass is recommended to be used in residential aluminium windows for the kitchen, bedroom, and lounge room.

Is 5 mm Glass Good for Windows?

5 mm glass is a versatile and commonly used option for various applications. The 5mm glass can be used for windows, tabletops, display cases, and shelving. Also, aluminum window with glass usually adopt the glass in thickness ranging from 3-5mm.

Is 6mm Glass Strong?

Yes, 6mm glass is considered to be relatively strong and is commonly used for various applications due to its enhanced durability and versatility. 6mm glass is widely used in both residential and commercial settings for various applications, including windows, doors, tabletops, and shower enclosures.

Is 8mm Glass Strong?

The 8mm glass is highly strong. Because of the heavy weight, the 8mm glass is suitable for small aluminum sliding windows. It is perfectly adequate for use in double glazing.

Is 10 mm Glass Good?

The 10 mm glass is very good! The 10 mm glass is quite strong and is used for various applications where increased durability and safety are required.
aluminum glass sliding window

Is 12 mm Glass Strong?

A 12 mm glass is different from other glass because it is strengthened by thermal heating in a furnace. Then, the 12 mm glass is five times stronger than the normal glass and also does not lose any clarity.


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