How to maintain the aluminum door window in winter?

        Aluminum alloy doors and windows can block outdoor cold air, and you can feel the warmth in the room. In order to ensure the service life of aluminum alloy doors and windows, you must pay more attention to this aspect of maintenance! Today, I will introduce you how to maintain aluminum alloy doors and windows in winter.

        First of all, we must ensure the indoor humidity, so that the aluminum alloy doors and windows are at normal room temperature. Do not use the hand with water stains or other solutions to open the closed aluminum alloy doors and windows, so as to avoid discoloration of the door lock.
aluminum door window
        In addition, when opening the aluminum alloy door and window or changing the door lock handle, do not use too much force, otherwise it may lead to the reduction of the service life of the aluminum alloy door lock. Hardware parts that are often moving, such as hinges, door locks, etc., should be tightened immediately when loose.

        The corners of the aluminum door window should not be rubbed by the police. This is to avoid the fading and damage of the edges and corners. When cleaning the stains on the exterior of aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is generally possible to use wet air and then wipe it with a soft cloth. If the stain is too heavy, you can use toothpaste or special cleaning agent for furniture, etc. Clean.

        It is necessary to clean and dust the windows on time. The cleaning fluid is preferably cleaned with special maintenance fluid. It is also very important to use in normal times. When using aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is best not to hang overweight items on the door leaf to prevent damage to the aluminum alloy doors and windows.