How To Remove An Aluminum Window For Cleaning?

Although aluminum is a robust building material capable of lasting decades without the need for significant repair, we should clean it regularly to keep the window performance consistent, cleaning is not enough. We should also do a good job of inspection and maintenance of aluminum windows to fully ensure the air tightness, water tightness and safety of aluminum windows. In this article, we will illustrate how to remove the aluminum window with glass for cleaning. The methods of disassembling doors and windows of different brands are different, but the general steps of new design aluminum window or traditional aluminum window are similar. 

1. Remove the aluminum window sash first
The aluminum alloy doors and windows sashes should be removed first with a screwdriver, hand hammer and other tools. During the disassembly process, one person must disassemble and one person is responsible for the stability of the aluminum alloy doors and windows. After the door is dismantled, it should be handled gently, and it is strictly forbidden to knock it down from a high altitude.
aluminium glass sliding windows

2. Remove aluminum alloy door and window frame

After the aluminum alloy door and window sash is removed, the frame of the door and window can be removed. Generally, you first need to use a blade to cut the sealant inside the door and window frames.

● If the aluminum alloy doors and windows are connected to the wall with expansion bolts, you can directly remove the expansion bolts with a screwdriver;
● If the expansion bolts are rusty, you can use an impact drill to break it up;
● If it is connected by a connecting piece, you can directly use a percussion drill;
● If the window frame is difficult to remove, you need to use a hacksaw to cut the frame against the wall and remove it.

3. Cleaning and repairing the openings of aluminum alloy doors and windows

When disassembling aluminum alloy doors and windows, it may cause certain damage to the door and window openings. If it is not treated, it is not conducive to the installation of new aluminum alloy doors and windows. Therefore, after the aluminum alloy doors and windows are disassembled, it is necessary to check whether the size of the opening is correct and deal with the opening that does not meet the requirements.


Not every window replacement job goes smoothly. Although it is an challenging job to remove the aluminum windows, but it can help you keep the windows frame shiny. You can find other professionals to help you if you find it so hard to remove it. Deji is one of the thermal break aluminum window manufacturers in China, and we provide high quality aluminium windows and cheap house windows for sale.

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