How to repair broken aluminum alloy doors and windows

It is very important for people who want to repair by themselves instead of hiring others to repair it. It is very important to learn how to repair aluminum alloy doors and windows that cannot be used normally, especially for the owners. The following briefly describes two common aluminum alloy doors and windows problems and some simple solutions:

1. The aluminum alloy window will not open.

Doors and windows that cannot slide normally or a single hanging window may be a real problem. Usually, this is caused by corrosion of the outer part of the window frame. The solution is: First, ensure that the frame is not closed, and ensure that the frame track is not bent. Then use WD-40 or other types of lubricants to thoroughly coat the sliding tracks of doors and windows. Add enough lubricating oil to the window frame clips, springs and any other movable parts until the frame is disengaged and the window can be opened easily.

2. Glass fragments.

When an accident occurs, it sometimes directly affects the damage of the glass and leads to rupture. But most common aluminum window frames are easier to repair. If the sliding door and window sash is damaged, fix the operable window sash in place, remove it from the frame, and lift it from the bottom. Then disassemble the frame by loosening the two screws found at the two corners of the frame, and remove the broken glass. Then put the frame on a glass showcase and make sure to get the same glass thickness. Install the new glass in the frame and reinstall the frame parts. Finally, reinstall the window sash in the opposite way and remove it.

If the fixed window frame needs to be repaired, first remove the operable window frame described above, and then remove the center rod of the frame of the fixed plate. This allows you to remove the fixed window sash from the frame for easy repair or replacement.

If you are not sure whether to repair the aluminum window correctly, you can remove the window sash at any time and take it to the door and window shop for further guidance.