How to Replace Broken Glass in Aluminium Window

The glass broken is an incident unusual but may occur incident in aluminum glass windows. You may get freaked out about the broken glass and have no idea to handle this bad situation. Once it happens, it had better replace the broken glass one as soon as possible, in case of the thieves broken in. Today, I will guide you on how to replace broken glass in the used aluminum windows.


STEP 1: Remove the Broken Glass From the Aluminum Glass Window

Before replacing the glass, we need to remove the broken from your house window. It could ensure you would not get hurt in the following steps. You also need to notice that you should put on tough heavy gloves, and a long sleeve shirt and wear the eye protector to ensure your safety.

STEP 2: Measure the Specific Data from Glass to Order Right New Glass

In this step, you also need to make good use of the broken glass piece to measure the thickness of the glasses. After measuring the length, height, and thickness of the glass, you could order the right size of the new glass, according to the specific data.
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STEP 3: Remove Window Frame

You need to lift up the aluminum window panel to remove it from the window frame. Then, you should use the screwdriver to remove screw fasteners in fixed panes before you slide out the frame. Removing ensures that replacing is safer and easier.

STEP 4: Remove the Screws from the Window Corners

Locate the screw fasteners that fix the four-piece frame in each corner. Then you need to screw them out with a screwdriver. Also, you need to pry any stuck frame pieces off with the slotted end of the screwdriver.

STEP 5: Pull off the Silicone Seal

The intact silicone seal that surrounds the outside edge of the broken glass could be reused. Therefore, if you find the seal is perfect, you could rip it off to reuse. If the seal is broken or torn, you need to scrape away the leftover seal residue through the use of the flat end of the slotted screwdriver.

STEP 6: Slide Silicone Seal around the Outer Edge of the Glass

In this step, you firstly need to place the new piece of glass on the flat and clean worktop with the help of saw horses. Then slide the silicone seal around the outer edge of the glass and make sure the seal is tight with no bubbles or loose portions.

STEP 7: Slide Aluminum Frames onto the Outside Edge of the Glass

This step is to make sure the installing method of the glass is as same as the removing method of the old glass. Then, through the power of the mallet, you gently tap the aluminum frame over the glass.
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STEP 8: Butt Up Corner

Then we need to make sure the frame butt up against each aluminum corner so that they can be flush and threaded in each screw with the use of a screwdriver. Then we need to confirm the outer edge of the new glass window in aluminum, whether the sealing is flush to the frame. If not, you need to push it gently by your hand or with the slotted screwdriver.

STEP 9: Reset Window

When you reset the window, you need to notice that the resetting direction of your house aluminum sliding window is on the contrary of the removing direction of the window.


All in all, replacing the broken glass is a simple procedure, only if you follow the above methods. If you are not good at handwork or have no time to replace it, you also could buy tempered glass windows to solve your problem and potential problems, a recommendation from China aluminum window manufacturers.