New house decoration, balcony partition installed sliding door or folding door? | aluminum metal sliding door

Balcony is an extremely important area in home life. How to decorate and design is a problem that homeowners need to think about seriously. This will affect the presentation of the overall effect of the house and the division of regional space. Generally, the most common treatment for balconies is The balcony and the living room are separated by doors and windows, so what kind of doors and windows can be used as the partition to be practical and beautiful?

Sliding doors are generous and simple, beautiful in appearance, and versatile in different home styles. They are now commonly used as partitions between the living room and the balcony. In addition to the simplest space division, high-quality sliding doors can also play a role. To the function of sound insulation and noise reduction. The balcony is also an outdoor space, and the sliding door plays the role of sound insulation and noise reduction, blocking external disturbances and improving the comfort of life to a certain extent. The fly in the ointment is that the sliding door will take up a certain amount of space when it is opened. In addition, after long-term use of the sliding door track, the sliding track will have the problem of dust accumulation, which will affect the cleanliness and aesthetics to a certain extent. When cleaning Need to be very careful and careful.

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In addition to sliding doors, folding doors have also become more and more people's choice to partition balconies. The visual effect presented by the folding door when it is closed is not much different from that of the sliding door, but the folding form will be more modern and can better meet the aesthetics and needs of young people in pursuit of individuality. In addition, when the folding door is folded, compared with the sliding door, it will get a larger field of vision, visually get a larger space, and the overall space effect will be broader. Compared with sliding doors, folding doors have a fly in the ointment that the sealing performance of folding doors is poor, so the effect of heat preservation and sound insulation is poor.

Sliding doors and folding doors are common balcony partition doors. Different types of doors will produce different decorative effects. As for how to choose, it depends on the user's aesthetic orientation and the balance and trade-offs of actual needs.