Several aluminium glass window cleaning methods

         Nowadays, many people use aluminum doors and windows for doors and windows, but aluminum is a special metal material. Many people don't know much about its characteristics. It is inevitable that some people will be overwhelmed when cleaning. Today, I will teach you how to clean some aluminum alloy doors and windows. Let's go.

         The general aluminium glass window can be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with water or a neutral detergent, but it is best not to use ordinary soap and washing powder, or to clean the strong acid and alkali detergents such as detergents and toilets. Will corrode the surface of the profile.
aluminium glass window
         Sealing tops and glass glue are the key structures to ensure the insulation of aluminum doors and windows. If these materials fall off, it is necessary to repair them in time or to keep the glass and door and window frames dry and tidy. In general, check the connection parts of the door and window frames and damage them. Parts should be tightened or replaced in time. Some parts that are relatively easy to damage, such as positioning pin, wind bracing and floor springs, should be checked from time to time. If the use is not flexible, it is necessary to regularly add lubricating oil to keep it clean and normal.