Some tips for cleaning aluminum alloy doors and windows

The following briefly describes some tips for cleaning aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Use paint brush skillfully:

Usually a lot of dust is scattered in the gaps between doors and windows at home. Because the gaps are narrow, the rag can't take care of it. Do you feel depressed? At this time, you should choose to use a paint brush to collect all these fine dust. The brush's bristles are very fine and can take into account the corners. In this way, the dust in these crevices will not escape the bad luck of cleaning up.

Play the great effects of edible white vinegar:

If the doors and windows in the home are made of steel and plastic, how should we clean up when the gaps between the doors and windows are filled with dust? When cleaning, steel-plastic doors and windows must not be cleaned with detergents or strong acid products to avoid corrosion of doors and windows. White vinegar is a good cleaning product. As long as you pour some white vinegar in the gaps between doors and windows, the dust will be easily taken out, and the doors and windows will be completely new.