Teach you the tips for sound insulation of Aluminum alloy doors and windows

      Many users living on the roadside will face a big trouble. They are about to fall asleep at night, and the continuous noise of large buses entering the city is annoying. So how can I ensure that I have a peaceful sleep? The editor teaches you some tips for sound insulation to completely eliminate outdoor noise!

      1. Choice of Aluminum alloy doors and windows
       To enhance the sound insulation performance of Aluminum alloy doors and windows, the most important thing is the choice of doors and windows. For Aluminum alloy doors and windows to have strong sound insulation performance, it is generally necessary to adopt a double-layer structure for installation. The distance between double-layer windows is preferably 20cm-30cm, so that the same sound insulation effect as concrete can be achieved. If when strengthening the sound insulation effect of the window, the window installation can keep the existing window, and then add another window, which can also achieve the effect of noise isolation. If you want to add it, it is recommended to install ordinary sound insulation windows. The effect is very obvious.
       2. Stick sound insulation film
       Many people don’t understand why a thin film can provide sound insulation. In fact, the sound insulation film is a multi-layer structure. Generally, a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer is used to sandwich the sound insulation resin. Thereby, the particles with heat insulation effect can be well and evenly distributed. If the sound insulation effect of the window is not good, then stick this sound insulation film on the window glass, the noise can be well isolated, and this film will not affect the line of sight and the effect of light transmittance, and the price is very cheap. It is also relatively simple to use, and the pasting method is the same as the current mobile phone pasting film, which is very convenient and fast, and it also has the effect of glass explosion-proof.
 Aluminum alloy doors and windows
       3. Install the sealing strip
       The installation of the sealing strip has an important premise, that is, it can only be used for windows with poor sealing. Of course, if the sealing is not good, the noise is also very strong, so if the indoor noise is strong, check whether the sealing of the window is intact If there is a problem, you can choose the sealing strip for installation, and the price of the sealing strip is also very cheap, and its function is similar to the principle of sound insulation cotton. When using the sealing strip, check the width of the gap, and then tightly stuff the sealing strip into the gap so that this noise will not be transmitted through the gap.
     Summary: To ensure normal daily life, noise must be defeated. There are many ways to solve excess noise. It is recommended that you choose a suitable broken bridge aluminum soundproof door and window, and all problems are solved!