The importance of aluminum alloy doors and windows seals

          Is it important to seal aluminum alloy doors and windows? What does it do? Let answer it for you now.

          After the installation of each door and window, there will still be a certain gap between the joint with the wall. Poor handling may have some impact on home life, such as the inability of doors and windows to completely block entry of odorous air and dust. The role of the sealing strip is to strengthen the sealing effect of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

          There are many aluminum alloy door and window sealing strips on the market. When they are not used for a long time, the aging phenomenon will occur. How can we not affect the use of doors and windows? What kind of aluminum alloy doors and windows do consumers buy? Manufacturing technology, we must know how to choose good quality.
            In addition to considering quality and manufacturers' choices, we also need to pay attention to daily maintenance, because the weather strips are like wind and rain, and rapid aging is inevitable. Therefore, how to reduce the acceleration of aging is the top priority of maintenance. Generally, when cleaning, keep it dry after cleaning, otherwise the service life of aluminum alloy doors and windows will be shortened.