The Third Special Training Camp Activity for Local Distributors on Our aluminum alloy doors and windows

From July 23 to 25 2019, the 3rd special training camp activity for the learning of new distributors was launched in the headquarters of Dejiyoupin Doors and Windows located in Foshan, China. New distributors from all over the country gathered at the our headquarters to participate in the professional knowledge training on both the new and existing aluminum alloy doors and windows in house. How did each new distributors staff team perform? Let's have a look!

As a leading china supplier for high-end aluminum doors and windows, quality is always the corner stone of our company with exceptional top security design in each product in details.  
The development of our brand home and abroad can not be separated from the professional efforts of all employees, customers, distributors as a whole team with constant professional training in marketing for all of them is indispensable.

Part 1
The Start of the Training Camping Activity
The Building of the team on site

During the 1st day’s special training, we welcomed a large number of new business distributors who will be trained to start the team ice-breaking journey.

In order to make everyone more familiar with each other, we have prepared a series of ice-breaking activities in order to well organize and establish their own teams.


Part 2
The Sharing of Good Sales & Marketing Skills

In the 2nd days’s training, we prepared for the knowledge imparting on marketing. We invited excellent professionals from headquarters to introduce  our new products through professional case analysis, so as to speed up staff's mastery of new product marketing knowledge for our aluminum sliding glass doors, aluminum casement doors, aluminum bi-folding doors and aluminum sliding windows, aluminum tilt-turn windows, aluminum louver windows instantly.





Part 3
The Conclusion of the 3rd Special Training Camp Activity

After three days of training, in order to inspect the staff's comprehensive mastery of product knowledge and marketing knowledge on the new aluminum doors and windows, the official test was carried out. Only members who can pass the test can obtain the certificate of completion.