What are the methods to distinguish the quality of aluminum profile window

First, look at the materials
The material has always been the key to the aluminum profile window. The most commonly used aluminum profile window materials on the market are: aluminum, glass and hardware.

Therefore, when consuming aluminum profile window, the first thing to look at is its material and accessory material. Generally, the thickness of the aluminum profile of the color aluminum window should be no less than 1.2mm, and the thickness of the oxide film should be 10 microns. Tempered glass is better than ordinary glass. If the safety and durability of aluminum alloy doors and windows can be considered, how to distinguish the quality?

Stainless steel hardware accessories are better than aluminum accessories, and the pulley is best to use products made of POM material, because these products have higher strength and wear resistance, so it will be smoother and not easy to be damaged during use .
aluminum profile window
      Second, look at the craft
   process is also very important for aluminum profile window. The process of fine processing and smooth cutting of aluminum alloy doors and windows is naturally very smooth on opening and closing. If the processing is unqualified, it will be prone to problems with the nature of the seal. Not only will the wind and rain leak, but under the action of strong winds and large external forces, the glass will also burst and fall off, causing loss of property and even injury to the owner.

   Third, look at the appearance
  Aluminum profile window appearance will also affect the entire decoration effect, so when choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows, the appearance can not be ignored.

   Fourth, look at the price
  Aluminum profile window price level is generally directly linked to the material level, but generally the price of aluminum alloy doors and windows in a certain period of time is relatively stable.

   Fifth, look at the brand
   Brand effect is one of the subjective factors for consumers to consider how to choose aluminum doors and windows. Therefore, consumers can choose some aluminum alloy doors and windows with certain popularity when choosing aluminum profile window.