What to pay attention to when accepting aluminum alloy doors and windows

After the installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows, acceptance is the most important point, because at this time, you can check the quality of the installed windows and doors, but many people do not know how to check. Then I will introduce the aluminum alloy doors and windows by Xiaobian. What needs attention in acceptance.

1. Check the surface. After installation, first check whether the appearance is scratched, whether it is smooth and balanced in color, and then measure the size of the windows and doors to see if there is any deformation during the installation.
2. Check the frame, whether the doors and windows are firm and secure depends on the frame installation. During the inspection, check whether the frame and the wall are seamless and tight. If problems are found, the installation master should be re-repaired immediately.
3. Check the accessories. After installation, you need to check the flexibility of the door and window accessories to see if they can move smoothly. Then check the windows and doors, and push the windows and doors to see if they are fixed or not.

4. Check the seal. In addition to the above, you need to check whether the connection between the glass notch and the seal is seamless and flat.

The above is the popularization of some knowledge about what need to pay attention to the acceptance of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and everyone must not ignore it in the installation.