Why House Windows Foggy & How to Fix it

When you have closed the house windows for a while, you may find that the windows get blurred. Although you clean the window, the windows still become blurred. Why? Why the window fogging up, and can not be removed? Today, I will disperse your confusion.

What Causes Windows to Fog Up In A House?

Generally speaking, the broken or damaged window seal is the major reason that causes the window to fog up. It is because there is argon or krypton was filled with the gap of the double panel sliding windows.

This aluminum glass window design could effectively increase the energy efficiency of your house window.

If the window seal is invalid, the window would leak the inert gas, and the outside air invade. Then, the vapor of air in the gap of the panels would condense when the environment is right(colder outer glass against warm air inside the glass panel) , causing the glass to form the fogginess that you see.

How to Prevent the Fogging in My Windows?

The best and ultimate way to prevent foggy windows is to replace them. However, I also present you with some useful tips to prevent your house windows from fogging up.

●Tip 1: Use a Dehumidifier---- This machine is quiet and energy-efficient. It could effectively remove the vapor from the air and prevent condensation on your window.

●Tip 2: Use a Window Film Kit---- This film kit would keep the glass surface away from condensation through blocking warm indoor air get touch with the cold glass.

●Tip 3: Turn on Electric Fans----The electric fans could make the airflow through the oscillation of the blades of the fan, which could disrupt the warm indoor air from reaching the window surface.

Can Foggy Windows Be Repaired?

The best method to fix the window also is to replace them. On the other hand, there are some methods to be taken a shot to fix them. Here are some methods you could take a try:

●Replace the IGU unit: Replace the seal or the second pane of glass inside the insulated window. Although aluminum window unit cost is low, the replacing process is more complex than replacing the whole window.

Therefore, if your aluminum glass sliding windows are old, you had better replace them.

●Use a Defogging Spray: The defogging spray is another considerable option to prevent fogging on your house's aluminum sliding window.

However, the spray can not keep your window clear for a long time, because the bad aluminum window insulation problem has not been solved.
You have to fix this problem by buying a new one. The double panel sliding windows are a great solution for preventing defogging.

How Do Double-Pane Windows Work?

Compared with other types of windows, the double-pane windows present a great performance in defogging and handling all types of weather. It does well in retaining heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

The insulating airspace in between the aluminium window panels is capable to maintain a consistent temperature and reducing heat loss.


All in all, the perfect and best way to fix the defogging in your window is to buy a new house aluminum sliding window. The above these methods to prevent defogging is palliatives. If you are finding high quality aluminium windows for your house, you could shop in DEJI, a China professional aluminium sliding window manufacturers.