Advanced equipment , Assurance of quality
Our company own the automatic CNC lathe which import from the Japan and Korea,the orifice can be exact to 0.1mm. High pressure test work workbench and other Precision test machine is the base for high quality goods.Customers can use the different material according to their actual demand .

Creative technique and design
Please review our website and catalogue ,you will find many new products.It is our all BY people’s efforts,satisfy our client’s requirements , and still insist on developing the new industrial nozzles.New material and test way application, it makes our products can meet the change of the market.

Pursue global strategy target
We have the strict requirements to the material , package and shipment.All the nozzles is inspected 100%,make sure our nozzles can reach Europe and American’s market.Inform us what’s your application we can develop the new project for you, our sales net cover all over the world,we have the knowledge and resource to face the challenge of spray technology.swing projected window


Mr. Lei Shaojun, the founder of Guangdong Dejiyoupin Doors and Windows, began to work in the door and window industry.
Formally established our brand “Dejiyoupin” for High-end Aluminum Doors and Windows and we settled in Foshan Guangdong province, the hometown of aluminium fabricated products
 Chairman Lei Shaojun put forward the concept of "intelligent" and "safe" system doors and windows, successfully developed and launched the second generation patented security doors and windows with "four-sided six-point lock" and "built-in diamond wire pressing" for High-end Aluminum Doors and Windows.
 We managed to lift-up the concept of safety system doors and windows to a higher level, benefiting more people and customer home and abroad
70,000 square meters new production base was being launched which firmly established the production lines for our high end aluminum doors and windows manufacturing and exportation.


industrial spray systems
Mr. Lei Shaojun, chairman of the company, went to Europe for research and study. The research included the world famous hardware brand "German Hobo" production line, "Schudmet" production line, "German Munich Door and Window Exhibition"