aluminium windows DJYP-W106 | Latest Window Design Aluminum Casement Window

aluminium windows DJYP-W106 | Latest Window Design Aluminum Casement Window

aluminium windows

Casement Windows: Product Superiority

1.Heavy-Duty Construction frame with Top 6063T5 Aviation Aluminum, 45°Cutting in Seamless Stitching.
2.Double-layer Tempered Insulating Toughened Glass in Automobile grade for Sound insulation.
3.Stainless Steel Wire Mesh in 304 or 316 , Anti-mosquito and anti-insect.
4.With High Performance Concealed Casement Hinge-German Noto Hinges, Max Opening full 90°, Max Weight carrying Force to be min. 200kg.
5.Much Anti-theft with Patented 4 Sided and 6 Points Locks.
6.Virtually maintenance-free aluminum exterior to resist water and stand up to the elements.
7.With 15 Colors for your choice.
8.Double weather Stripping.

Casement Windows: Product Description

Model No.: DJYP-W106
Glass Installation way: Install inside
Open Mode: Outswinging/ in-swinging
Opening Pattern: Horizontal
Aluminum alloy frame Profiles: Material: 6063-T5 high quality aluminum profiles
Thickness: 1.4 MM
Frame Surface Treatment and Color Option: Powder coating: Gray, Dark Brown, Light Brown, White or customized
Anodized: Champagne, Golden, Silver Black
PVDF Coating : Golden, Silver Black
Wood Grain: White Oak, Gold Oak, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Black walnut
Glass specification and Option: Double tempered glazing: 5mm+15A+5mm, 6mm+15A+6mm option
Color: Clear, gray, green, brown.
Material: Double glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, reflective glass, laminated glass, low-E glass, bulletproof glass
Craft: flowers, mirror flowers, decoration bars, frosted
Hardware Option: German brand (HOPPE, ROTO, GU)
Chinese brand
Locking details: With Patented four sided six points lock system, that more safer and more sealed.
Lock points and locks base are made of 304 stainless steel, which is stronger and anti-oxidant.
Mesh Option: Stainless steel security mesh
Aluminum security mesh
Package: Protection foam with heat contracted plastic film/ wooden packing or customer's requirements

Casement Windows: Structural Data

Implementation criteria: GB/T8478-2008
Wind Press Load: 9 Level (P3 > 5.0)
Water Penetration Resistance: 6 Level (P >700)
Air Infiltration: 8 Level (q2 < 1.5)
The waterproof design of aluminum alloy doors and windows is an innovation of doors and windows, and it is also the highlight of such doors and windows. This form can be used as a waterproof and modular double waterproof frame. The waterproof design of aluminum alloy doors and windows has a second layer of aluminum alloy doors and windows in the shielding box, mainly through the setting of drainage holes.economical sliding aluminum window

In addition, the drain frame can be opened to protect the next frame so that it can be connected to the unit body. Therefore, under normal conditions, rainwater and condensate can be directly discharged from the drainage outlet. Due to poor drainage inside the unit body and cavity-shaped condensate, the battery body and rainwater leakage or leakage caused by the unit body cannot be tightly sealed, but can be smoothly discharged through the second layer of the waterproof protective design aluminum window.

What is A Casement Window?

The casement window is designed to be attached to one side and opens outward like a door, either to the left or right. Equipped with the crank mechanism, it allows you to open and close the window in an easy method. When fully open, casement windows provide maximum ventilation as the entire window area is unobstructed.

Are Casement Windows Cheaper than Sliding?

In the same condition, the casement windows may be cheaper than the double panel sliding windows. The first reason is that casement windows are one of the most classic types of windows, so their production cost may be lower than sliding windows. Second, the installation of casement windows is easier than the double panel sliding windows, so the installation cost of the casement windows may be lower than the sliding windows.

Are Casement Windows More Expensive than Fixed?

On average, casement windows are approximately 10% pricier than double hung windows. This is primarily because casement windows involve more intricate mechanisms, such as the crank opening system, which adds to their manufacturing and installation costs.

Do Casement Windows Look Better?

Absolutely, it does! The casement window with crank would give you a more modern and contemporary appearance. Furthermore, it has clean lines and is a little more elegant.

Additional Information

Brand Hat
Size Large
Color Black
Dimensions 16X22 cm
Weight 25 kg