W112A Fixed aluminum windows commercial

W112A Fixed aluminum windows commercial

Product Superiority of Fixed Aluminum Windows Commercial:
  1. Heavy-Duty Construction frame with Top 6063T5 Aviation Aluminum, 45°Cutting in Seamless Stitching.
  2. Double-layer Tempered Insulating Toughened Glass in Automobile grade for Sound insulation.
  3. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh in 304 or 316 , Anti-mosquito and anti-insect.
  4. With High Performance Concealed Casement Hinge-German Noto Hinges, Max Opening full 90°, Max Weight carrying Force to be min. 200kg.
  5. Much Anti-theft with Patented 4 Sided and 6 Points Locks.
  6. Virtually maintenance-free aluminum exterior to resist water and stand up to the elements.
  7. With 15 Colors for your choice.
  8. Double weather Stripping.

Introduction to Fixed Aluminum Windows Commercial

There is no doubt that DEJI’s fixed aluminum windows commercial is a new standard of sophistication and functionality.

With the well-design structure and reliable materials, DEJI’s fixed aluminum windows commercial redefine your commercial spaces, these windows epitomize product superiority in every aspect.

With a fusion of cutting-edge design, premium materials, and exceptional features, our windows are poised to transform your environment into an oasis of elegance and comfort.

In the material, we only adopt highest-grade 6063T5 aviation aluminum. Then, in the technique, we also use our advanced equipment. The precision of 45° cutting and seamless stitching ensures a seamless and polished appearance that complements any architectural style, setting the stage for a lasting impression.

As for the glass panel, we use double-layer tempered insulating toughened glass. Therefore, the fixed aluminum windows commercial engulfs your space in serenity. Moreover, it creates an oasis of quietude and focus, allowing productivity and relaxation to flourish.

Product Description of Fixed Aluminum Windows Commercial:
Model No.: DJYP-W112A
Glass Installation way: Install outside
Open Mode: Outswinging/ In-Swinging
Opening Pattern: Horizontal
Aluminum alloy frame Profiles: Material: 6063-T5 high quality aluminum profiles
Thickness: 1.6 MM
Frame Surface Treatment and Color Option: Powder coating: Sandy Gray, Coffee Brown, Light Brown, White or customized
Anodized: Champagne, Golden, Silver Black
PVDF Coating : Champagne, Golden, Silver Black
Wood Grain: White Oak, Gold Oak, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Black walnut
Glass specification and Option: Double tempered glazing: 5mm+12A+5mm, 6mm+12A+6mm option
Color: Clear, gray, green, brown.
Material: Double glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, reflective glass, laminated glass, low-E glass, bulletproof glass
Craft: flowers, mirror flowers, decoration bars, frosted
Barrier: Available
Hardware Option: German brand (HOPPE, ROTO, GU)
Chinese brand
Locking details: With Patented four sided six points lock system, that more safer and more sealed.
Lock points and locks base are made of 304 stainless steel, which is stronger and anti-oxidant.
Mesh Option: Stainless steel security mesh/ Screen
Aluminum security mesh/ Screen
Package: Protection foam with heat contracted plastic film/ wooden packing or customer's requirements

Structural Data of Fixed Aluminum Windows Commercial:
Implementation criteria: GB/T8478-2008
Wind Press Load: 9 Level (P3 > 5.0)
Water Penetration Resistance: 6 Level (P >700)
Air Infiltration: 8 Level (q2 < 1.5)

What is Commercial Aluminum windows?

Generally speaking, commercial aluminum windows are designed to allow more sunlight indoors. And, because of the requirement for more sunlight, commercial aluminum windows have a relatively larger frame and more glass panels. Different from residential aluminum windows,  commercial aluminum windows should withstand not only the forces exerted by single-family homes but also perform excellently under the significant weight of buildings.

What are the Pros of Fixed Aluminum Windows Commercial?

The aluminum fixed glass windows are a suitable option in the commercial use, because they offer the following benefits:


Compared with other types of windows, aluminum has very stable features in the chemical aspect and great physical feature. Therefore, the aluminum fixed glass windows would not expand and contract as quickly as vinyl in the extreme condition.

●Slim Profile

Aluminum frames can be designed with a slim profile, allowing for larger glass panes and maximizing the amount of natural light entering the building. This is particularly beneficial for commercial spaces that aim to create an open and well-lit environment.


Aluminum is highly recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice. It can be reused without a significant loss of quality, reducing the environmental impact associated with window replacements.

●Design Flexibility

Aluminum is a malleable material, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities. It can be customized in terms of shape, size, and color to match the aesthetic and architectural style of the building.

What are the Cons of Fixed Aluminum Windows Commercial?

However, there no perfect thing in the world. The great fixed aluminum windows commercial also have some drawbacks.


Although the fixed aluminum windows commercial may available in numerous colors and finishes, they still can not achieve the beauty of the wooden.

●Thermal Conductivity

While aluminum frames can be thermally improved, they inherently have higher thermal conductivity compared to other materials like wood or vinyl. This can lead to heat transfer and potential energy inefficiency if not properly addressed.


Aluminum windows without proper thermal breaks can be prone to condensation forming on the interior frame surface in cold weather. This could lead to moisture-related issues if not managed effectively.

●Limited Insulation Options

While there are options to improve the insulation of aluminum windows, they might still not be as insulating as other materials naturally, potentially requiring additional insulation measures.

Additional Information

Brand Hat
Size Large
Color Black
Dimensions 16X22 cm
Weight 25 kg